"you can’t ship that, that character has canon interaction with the opposite sex"


when u sneeze in front of your pet and they look like you’ve just offended their great ancestors



With cord-keeping solutions like this, no one has to grow up. Well, not all the way, at least. -ts

via mymodernmet:

The [LEGO] Minifigures’ tiny hands are exactly the right size to grip a range of cables. By combining the toys with Sugru, a moldable synthetic rubber, you can attach your phone charger to your desk in a way that’s tidy, efficient, and will make you smile. Your favorite Lego character can also be stuck to your car’s dashboard, a bedside table, and much more.

This discovery was made by Andreas, a Sugru customer in Germany. He uploaded a picture of it to the company’s online gallery last month, and users around the world have adopted the idea. According to Sugru founder Jane ni Dhulchaointigh, “Since we shared the project on Twitter, we’ve been getting more and more pics of people copying it,” she said. “It’s so cool to see all the different characters and locations.” Read more



if it’s late enough and you’re lonely enough, the carly rae jepsen lyric “before you came into my life i missed you so bad” starts seeming increasingly deep and emotionally complex

3:02 AM and this fucking lyric looks like fucking nietzsche

stare into the abyss and the abyss will call you maybe

New duo Maddie & Tae all but cut purveyors of bro country off at the knees with their debut single “Girl in a Country Song.” The tongue-in-cheek hip-shaker transparently references decidedly non-feminist lyrics from artists like Florida Georgia Line, Jason Aldean, Billy Currington and Blake Shelton. When Rolling Stone Country talked to Maddie Marlow and Tae Dye recently, the buzzed-about teenagers — Marlow is 19, Dae, 18 — had just seen the first cut of their video for “Girl in a Country Song.” The final version, which casts country “bros” in the clichéd roles of video vixens, was released today.

It’s driving me red-red-red-red-redneck crazy

Being the girl in a country song.

How in the world did it go so wrong?

Like all we’re good for

Is looking good for you and your friends on the weekend.

And nothing more.

We used to get a little respect,

Now we’re lucky if we even get

To climb up in your truck, keep our mouth shut, and ride along,

And be the girl in a country song.


Are cats even real?

True story: when I met Spouse back in 1996, he made sure I saw this movie because I didn’t get why everyone was calling him Silent Bob. No lie, he was a dead ringer. And almost as silent.

Flash forward ten years or so to our loud, long-haired friend Jay rooming with us, and they had a ready made costume for Halloween parties.

Also, I once went to a Q&A with Kevin Smith and asked him “What’s a nubian?”

Overestimating how much work I can get done in a day




Hanging out on tumblr, with all these young folks, I’ve noticed something.

I’ve noticed a disturbing trend in terms of self-esteem.

Specifically the way in which people are building up their walls so as to protect their fragile self-esteem.

You know what, disturbing isn’t the right word. Because I will defend any person’s right to present however they like, and to defend their own sense of self however they need, provided it doesn’t hurt another person.

But I fear it may be starting to hurt them.

Don’t get me wrong, I totally understand the impulse. I am absolutely that person that lowers other people’s expectations so that I won’t fail them. I am that person who rolls their eyes at themselves and makes jokes, lest other people catch on that something is important to me.

But more and more I see people calling themselves awful, calling themselves trash. And even more than that, it feels like I see these people who say these things believing it about themselves.

And for each person who does, I wish I could just-

I wish I could hug them close and give to them the deep knowledge that, for whatever shortfallings, real or perceived, whatever unhappiness you may have with yourself, valid or not, YOU are awesome. You are valuable and worth our time and energy, and we are glad you are you. I wish you could be glad you were you, too.